Complete Cameron SSMC Dual stage 13.5/8"-10K Wellhead system

Product ID: 100305

Available for sale;

1 x Complete Cameron SSMC Dual stage 13.5/8"-10K Wellhead system, C/W casing hanger, pack off, tubing hanger and 5.1/8"-10K Christmas tree.


Material class WH: DD-NL. 13.5/8" Nom. 10.000 psi rated, c/w 10k side outlet valves. 13.5/8"-10K Fastlock Top connection.

Btm connection Wellhead housing; 13.3/8"-72# DINO VAM Box


Material class Casing hanger and pack off: DD-NL

Btm connection Casing hanger: 9.5/8"-53.50# VAM TOP Box


Material class Tubing hanger: FF, BPV: AVA 4.850"

Btm connection Tubing hanger: 5.1/2"-23# VAM TOP HT Box


5.1/8"-10K, FF class christmas tree. C/W 2 Cameron actuators, PSL3, PR2.

13.5/8"-10K Fastlock btm connection.

Manufacturer: Cameron
Size (inch): 13.625
Pressure rating (psi): 10.000
Material class: DD-Nl and FF
Top connection: 13.5/8" 10K Fastlock
Bottom connection: several
Model: SSMC
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