Punch Energy Services B.V. was founded in January 2019, Punch Energy Services B.V. is fully owned by Danlo Holding B.V. and is based in The Netherlands.

The objective is to build a diversified energy service company with a broad and comprehensive service offering as well as to establish a paramount global service footprint. Although we want to offer a broad service, these specific services are a niche area and the services are well connected, as combined these cover the process from front to end.

Our dedication to our customers is delivered through our employees, our network and strong partners we work closely together with and is the core fundament of Punch Energy Services. Our goal is to establish long-term relations with customers and partners and providing our employees a solid and sustainable working environment.

We can cover the full life cycle "cradle to grave" scope concerning material process flows, from sourcing to inventory management and to capital efficiency, which is selling your surplus equipment. In addition we can offer related services, so called added value services such as cleaning, inspections and refurbishment & repairs but also storage, warehousing and transport.

Through our experience and network we want to make a difference to your bottom line, support the project or asset management teams and let you focus on the core activities.


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We have another company, named Danlo. This is a regional online supermarket, people can order online and all products will be delivered at home. If you are living in the Emmen (NL) area, you can check and get an account at; www.danlo.nl


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